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Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions

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Both games were well received, receiving a perfect ratings from GamePro<ref>[ Pokemon Sapphire Version Review from GamePro] (retrieved December 21, 2009)</ref> and Mainia.<ref> [ Review of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Versions] (retrieved April 1, 2010)</ref> IGN rated the games at 9.5/10 and commented that they were a "wonderful GBA follow-up to the immense Game Boy blockbuster".<ref>[ IGN: Pokemon Ruby Version Review] (retrieved December 21, 2009)</ref> However, some reviews criticized the repetitive nature of the games, with Eurogamer commenting that "apart from the occasional tense battle with a Gym Leader and the more sophisticated opponents later on in the game, the constant fighting and collecting mechanic gets very tired, very fast".<ref>[ Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Review | GBA | Eurogamer] (retrieved December 21, 2009)</ref> Though, these are more criticisms of the series in general.
Ruby and Sapphire were the second and third best selling games of 2003<ref>[ NPD's list of 2003's top selling games] (retrieved April 1, 2010)</ref>, and received an average score of 82% on Metacritic.<ref>[ Pokemon Ruby (gba) reviews at] (retrieved December 21, 2009)</ref>