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After the competition, Zoey told Dawn that [[Candice]] was throwing a victory party for her in [[Snowpoint City]] and that Dawn was also welcome; however, Dawn declined the invitation, stating that she still wants to support Ash in his upcoming battle at [[Sunyshore Gym]] and in the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]]. She then thanked all the Pokémon that had traveled with her through Sinnoh for their hard work and pledged to not give up her dream of being a Top Coordinator.
After staying for Ash's gym battle and the Sinnoh league, she contemplates whether or not to go with Ash and Brock back to [[Kanto]]. However after receiving an invitation by [[Paris]] for her {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}}, she decides to stay in [[Sinnoh]]. She and Ash later share a final high-five as they did throughout the [[Diamond & Pearl series]] before Ash and Brock leave for Kanto. Some time later Dawn decided to journey to the [[Hoenn]] region to participate in contests there.