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'''Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka''' (Japanese: '''田中宏和''' but usually credited in hiragana only, born December 13, 1957) is a Japanese composer and musician best known for creating or co-creating various video games by [[Nintendo]]. He is the composer of much the [[list of Japanese opening themes|opening theme]] and [[list of Japanese ending themes|ending theme]] songs used in the [[Pokémon anime]], but he is also currently the president of [[Creatures, Inc.]]
Among the many game soundtracks he composed, the most well known include the music of {{met|Metroid (series)|Metroid}}, {{wpwb|EarthBoundMother (series)|EarthBound}}, {{smw|Mario Bros. (game)|Mario Bros.}}, {{wp|Fire Emblem}}, {{wpnp|Animal Crossing (series)|Animal Crossing}}, {{smw|Super Mario Land}}, {{wp|Famicom Wars}}, {{smw|Dr. Mario}}, {{dk|Donkey Kong (game)|Donkey Kong}}, {{wp|Balloon Fight}}, {{wp|Kid Icarus}}, {{smw|Wrecking Crew}}, and {{wp|Gyromite}}. In addition, he also was instrumental in developing the [[Game Boy Camera]] and the [[Game Boy Printer]].
==Bibliography of Pokémon Songs==