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[[File:Pal pad add fc.png|frame|Adding a Friend Code in Platinum]]
The '''Pal Pad''' (Japanese: '''ともだちてちょう''' ''Friend Notebook'') is a [[key item]] that was introduced in [[Generation IV]] that allows players to register friends, who the player can then meet in the [[Pokecenter#Wireless_Club_2|Wi-Fi Club]] to {{pkmn|battle}} and [[trade]] [[Pokémon]]. The {{player}} can get the Pal Pad from [[Teala]] at the Wi-Fi Club in the basement of any [[Pokémon Center]], after arriving in [[Oreburgh City]] in {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}} or obtaining the {{Badge|Zephyr}} in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}. In {{game|Black and White|s}}, the Pal Pad is received once the [[StriatonSanyou Gym]] is defeated and the [[Dream Mist]] quest is finished.
[[Image:Pal Pad sprite.png|frame|left]]
The multiplayer components are run from the [[Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection]]. On this network, each game has a unique [[Friend Code]], which can be exchanged with others to meet in the Wi-Fi Club. In order for a player to connect with a friend online, they must each register the other in their own Pal Pad. Registering a friend requires knowing their name and Friend Code; however, the name entered does not need to match the friend's actual player character's name. Friends can be registered manually by entering their Friend Codes into the Pal Pad, or automatically by trading Pokémon with other players in the [[Union Room]].