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Trivia: Here's hoping none of the furniture was mis-identified in that discussion.
*Most official sources do not give Brock a last name. However, several sources suggest that in the anime, his last name is Harrison. In the July 2006 issue of [[wp:K-Zone|K-Zone]] Magazine, [[Eric Stuart]] was interviewed and stated that Brock's last name is Harrison.
*Brock has the most airtime out of all of Ash's companions, being present in every season except for the [[Orange Islands]] saga.
*In the anime, Brock's house is located directly behind the Pewter Gym. His room is only seen briefly in [[AG034]], but what is seen of it shows that it is decorated in a traditional Japanese style, including [[wp:fusuma|fusuma]], a [[wp:tansu|tansu]] chest, and a [[wp:futon|futon]] for a bed.
*Brock owns two {{t|Poison}}-type Pokémon, [[Brock's Crobat|Crobat]] and [[Brock's Croagunk|Croagunk]], whose names both start with ''Cro-''.
*Brock is currently the only main character of the anime with {{t|Steel}}-type Pokémon, owning two, [[Brock's Steelix|Steelix]] and [[Brock's Forretress|Forretress]]. If [[Dawn's Piplup]] reaches its final form, however, this will no longer be the case, as {{p|Empoleon}} is {{t|Water}}/{{t|Steel}}.