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The Normal type is considered to be one of the best types defensively, as it has only a single weakness and one immunity. Having only one weakness makes up for its lack of resistances, as it causes only the [[stats]] of the Pokémon to be involved in determining damage, and many Normal-type Pokémon have high stats defensively. Offensively, the type performs similarly. There are only two types that resist Normal-type moves, and one type which is immune. When facing Pokémon with no resistance to their moves, Normal-type Pokémon can often deal high amounts of damage with a combination of high stats and [[same-type attack bonus]].
The majority of Normal-type Pokémon do not have a second type. Almost all Normal-type Pokémon with two types are Normal/{{t|Flying}}, with the notable exceptions of {{p|Girafarig}} and {{p|Meloetta}}'s Voice Forme, which are Normal/{{t|Psychic}}, {{p|Bibarel}}, which is Normal/{{t|Water}}, {{p|ShikijikaDeerling}} and {{p|Mebukijika}}, which are Normal/{{t|Grass}}, and {{p|Meloetta}}'s Step Forme, which is Normal/{{t|Fighting}}.
Single-type Normal Pokémon generally have a wide variety of moves available to them. Most can learn at least one move of the {{t|Fire}}, {{t|Ice}}, and {{t|Electric}} types, for example.
* The Normal-type has more non-damaging moves than any type, with 77 of them.
* There are currently no Normal-type Pokémon with a double weakness (as nothing aside from Flying, Water, Grass, Psychic, and Fighting has been paired with it).
*{{p|Bibarel}}, {{p|ShikijikaDeerling}}, {{p|Mebukijika}}, and {{p|Meloetta}}'s Step Forme are the only Normal dual-type Pokémon that retain their weakness to {{type2|Fighting}} moves.
*There are three Normal-type Pokémon that evolve into {{type2|Water}} Pokémon: {{p|Eevee}}, {{p|Azurill}} and {{p|Bidoof}}.
*The Normal type has the fewest elemental relations, with only 4 (excluding neutral): Rock, Steel, Ghost, and Fighting.