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Monta's Serperior

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Snivy is Monta's starter Pokémon and most powerful Pokémon and is best friends with it. Snivy is also very loyal. It was used in its first battle against a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Patrat}}, Monta ordered a {{m|Vine Whip}} which it uses and it hurts the Lookout Pokémon and it is then captured. It is then used in a [[Double battle]] against a wild Patrat and {{p|MiruhogWatchog}}. He orders a {{m|Tackle}} on the MiruhogWatchog, just when he is about to capture it, {{ga|Bianca}} and [[Cheren]] appear.
Later, Monta uses it in a [[Double battle]] with Cheren's {{p|Tepig}} against a Bike Gang King's {{p|Braviary}}. It starts off with a Vine Whip, which does hardly any damage. Braviary uses {{m|Wing Attack}} hurting it badly. It is nearly taken out by a {{m|Fury Attack}}, and Monta gives it an [[Oran Berry]] to revive it and goes in with a {{m|Grass Oath}} with {{m|Fire Oath}} creating the combination needed to defeat Braviary.