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Celebi (Neo Revelation 3)

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Card text: Updating Cardattack template to TCGAttack.
==Card text==
===Pokémon{{TCGPower Power===|
{{Cardpowertype=Psychic |
typeposition=Pokémon PowerTop |
powertype=Pokémon Power |
color=660099 |
name=Time Travel |
effect=If an opponent's attack would Knock Out {{tt|Celebi|this Pokémon}}, flip a coin. If heads, {{tt|Celebi|this Pokémon}} isn't Knocked Out and you shuffle it and all cards attached to it into your deck. This power doesn't work if {{tt|Celebi|this Pokémon}} is already {{TCG|Asleep}}, {{TCG|Confused}}, or {{TCG|Paralyzed}}. |
{{TCGAttack |
type===Attacks===Psychic |
{{Cardattackposition=Bottom |
cost={{e|Psychic}} |
name=Psychic Damage |