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Intro: quotes
The Scarf Guy only gives out one Scarf of each type; if another Pokémon with a maximized stat in the same area is shown he will simply tells the {{player}} to feed it more Poffins.
:''Howdy, there!''
:''Let me examine your Pokémon to see if it's worthy of a scarf!''
:''Hmhm... I see...''
:'''If any condition is not maxed or the scarf for the maxed condition have been collected:'''
::''This isn't what I had hoped to see...''
::''I can't lie to you, so I'll just have to tell it to you straight.''
::''This Pokémon is not bad, but its not good, either. It's just so-so.''
::''If you want to improve this one's condition, feed it some more Poffins!''
:'''If a condition is maxed and the scarf has not been collected:'''
::''Your <Pokémon>'s looking good!''
::''I'd say it's pretty impressive!''
::''I'll tell you what, I'll give you this <scarf>!''
::'''For maxed Beauty stat:'''
:::''The Blue Scarf represents the vastness of the sea!''
:::''Let a Pokémon hold it to give it an edge in Beauty Contests.''