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Yellow (Adventures)

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Two months after the final battle, [[Mr. Briney]] shipped Yellow and the other four petrified Pokédex Holders, via the [[S.S. Tidal]], to the [[Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Battle Frontier]]. The five were placed on the top floor of the Battle Tower disguised as actual statues. Due to a report [[Kimberly]] had snatched from Team Rocket, Prof. Oak learned that the wish granting powers of the mirage Pokémon {{p|Jirachi}} were the only way to revive the Dex Holders. {{adv|Emerald}}, {{adv|Ruby}}, {{adv|Sapphire}}, {{adv|Gold}} and {{adv|Crystal}} were sent to the Battle Frontier at different times in order to capture Jirachi and protect it from [[Guile Hideout]], who was also after the wishing Pokémon. When Emerald finally came to terms with his own feelings about Pokémon, he was able to reverse the petrifaction of his five seniors.
Yellow then joined the epic battle against Guile Hideout's Sea Beast that had taken the form of {{p|Kyogre}}. She was a part of the final blow to the beast by having her [[Chuchu]] use the ultimate electric attack, [[Volt Tackle (move)|Volt Tackle]].
After the crisis was over, Yellow entered a tournament between the Pokédex Holders, which she, at some point, lost.