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added some bits about myself (through userboxes) guess I'll add a bit more in a few days :P
I've loved Onix ever since I saw it back in 1996 in Red Version and Pachirisu since its pre-release pic came out. I've been playing Pokémon since it was released in the United States and could never put it down. Although I've beaten the main course of the game countless times, I have yet to actually complete the Pokédex.
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'''Pokémon stuff'''
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{{User Favorite|095|Onix}}
{{User Favorite|417|Pachirisu}}
{{User Favorite|587|Emonga}}
{{User Favorite Water|393|Piplup}}
{{User Favorite Rock|095|Onix}}
{{User Favorite Ice|362|Glalie}}
{{User Favorite Electric|417|Pachirisu}}
{{User Favorite Normal|289|Slaking}}
{{User Favorite Ground|208|Steelix}}
{{User Favorite Steel|306|Aggron}}
{{User Favorite Poison|336|Seviper}}
{{User Favorite Grass|253|Grovyle}}
{{User Favorite Psychic|376|Metagross}}
{{User Favorite Dark|248|Tyranitar}}