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'''Egg groups''' are categories which determine which {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} are able to#REDIRECT [[PokémonEgg breeding|interbreedgroup]]. Similarly to the [[elemental types]], a Pokémon may belong to either one or two egg groups.
Egg groups are decided by biological traits, which overall serves to allow Pokémon which are biologically similar to breed. However, there are some oddities which have been noted within egg groups: for example, the Ground egg group's standards are particularly broad, and many seemingly illogical pairings can be noted within it, such as {{p|Skitty}} and {{p|Wailord}}.
Egg groups are preserved along evolutionary lines; {{p|Ralts}}, {{p|Kirlia}}, {{p|Gardevoir}}, and {{p|Gallade}} are all in the {{egg|Indeterminate}} group, while {{p|Pikachu}} and {{p|Raichu}} are in the {{egg|Ground}} and {{egg|Fairy}}. [[Baby Pokémon]] are the only Pokémon besides {{p|Shedinja}}, {{p|Nidorina}}, and {{p|Nidoqueen}} that are not in the same group as their evolutionary relatives; {{p|Nidorina}} and {{p|Nidoqueen}} are both in the {{egg2|No eggs}}, while {{p|Shedinja}} is in the {{egg2|Mineral}}, despite having no gender, and, as such, requiring {{p|Ditto}} to breed.
==Breeding chains==
Many Pokémon are included in two different egg groups and can form what are known as [[chain breeding|breeding chains]]. These link many unrelated Pokémon together, allowing moves that would not normally be accessible to certain Pokémon to be legal, like {{m|Heal Bell}} on {{p|Blissey}}.
[[TM]]s are also passed down through breeding from the [[gender|father]]. Any move in the father's current moveset that can be learned via TM, [[egg move]], or [[move tutor]] (in Crystal) will be passed down to the Pokémon hatching from the egg.
==Egg groups==
This is a list of egg groups by their index number in the games:
# {{egg2|Monster}}: Pokémon in this group are saurian/kaijū-like in appearance and nature.
# {{egg2|Water 1}}: Pokémon in this group are amphibious in nature.
# {{egg2|Bug}}: Pokémon in this group are insectoid (bug-like) in appearance.
# {{egg2|Flying}}: Pokémon in this group are avian (bird-like) in appearance.
# {{egg2|Ground}}: The largest group, Pokémon here are terrestrial in nature.
# {{egg2|Fairy}}: Pokémon in this group are petite and considered very cute.
# {{egg2|Plant}}: Pokémon in this group are plant-like in appearance.
# {{egg2|Humanshape}}: Pokémon in this group are fully bipedal.
# {{egg2|Water 3}}: Pokémon in this group resemble aquatic invertebrates.
# {{egg2|Mineral}}: Pokémon in this group are crystalline or silicon-based.
# {{egg2|Indeterminate}}: Pokémon in this group are amorphous, having no definite form.
# {{egg2|Water 2}}: Pokémon in this group are piscine (fish-like) in appearance.
# {{egg2|Ditto}}: As the name implies, {{p|Ditto}} is the only Pokémon in this group, and is capable of breeding with all others (regardless of gender) aside from the no eggs group.
# {{egg2|Dragon}}: Pokémon in this group are draconic in appearance.
# {{egg2|No eggs}}: Pokémon in this group are unable to breed with anything.
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