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jname=波導のルカリオ |
jtrans=Aura's Lucario |
image=AuraLucario2AuraLucarioPCGPromo92.jpg |
caption=Illus. [[Kouki Saitou]] |
species=Lucario |
'''Aura's Lucario''' (Japanese: '''波導のルカリオ''' ''Aura's Lucario'') is a {{ct|Metal}} Basic Pokémon card. It is partone of the {{TCG|PCG-P Promotional cards}} collection. It was released in Japan only.
==Card text==
{{TCGAttack |
type=Metal |
{{Cardattack |
position=Top |
cost={{e|Metal}}{{e|Colorless}} |
name=Metal Claw |
effect= |
{{CardattackTCGAttack |
type=Metal |
position=Bottom |
cost={{e|Fighting}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}} |
name=Bone Rush |
==Release information==
In Japan, this card camewas withincluded Issueas 4a ofbonus Wonderlandcard Magazine,alongside released{{TCG ID|PCG-P Promo|Mew|91}} in a special July/August 2005. Theissue cardof was never[[Shōgakukan]] released infor Englishchildren.