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Hitmonchan (Pokémon)

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In the manga
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
[[Bruno]] has a Hitmonchan which is capable of using {{m|Fire Punch}}, {{m|ThunderPunch}}, and {{m|Ice Punch}} at high caliber. Bruno remarks that Hitmonchan is like having three Pokémon in one.
{{adv|Crystal}} is later seen with a Hitmonchan (Hitmonee) in her capture team, who is capable of blindingly fast punching attacks.
===In the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga===
In [[Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys]], {{OBP|Gold|Golden Boys}} borrows a Hitmonchan to use in a tournament in ''[[GB09|Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!!]]''.
==In the TCG==