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Pokémon Tower

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
* {{p|Gastly}}
* {{p|Arbok}}
==In the Magical Pokémon Journey manga==
[[File:Pokemon Tower MPJ.png|thumb|right|150px|The Pokémon Tower]]
The Pokémon Tower debuted in ''[[PPPB14|Raichu's Best Friend]]''. When {{MPJ|Pikachu}} and his friend see a picture that they took, they spot a [[Literal ghost|ghost]] within the picture. Afterwards, the ghost returns and switches to her [[Sandy|human]] form. The ghost turns out to be a girl name Sandy who wants the group to do a favor for her and find her [[Sandy's Raichu|friend]]. Sandy sends the group onto the Pokémon Tower in order to find Sandy's Raichu.
Once the group enters the tower, they are bombarded by many ghosts of the deceased Pokémon within the tower.
* {{p|Raichu}} ([[Sandy's Raichu|Sandy's]])
* {{p|Psyduck}} (Several)
* {{p|Golbat}}
* {{p|Charmander}}
* {{p|Poliwag}}
* {{p|Victreebel}}
* {{p|Ninetales}}
* {{p|Growlithe}}
==In other languages==