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=====An admin said I've been placed in abuse, why?=====
Users are allowed to edit their userpage three times in a server day. Going over that limit may result in taking away a user's right to edit the userspace being removed.
=====What does it mean to be in abuse?=====
=====My comment was removed for replying to old discussions, what does this mean?=====
Generally old comments over six months old should not be revived, however, if there is a legitimate excusereason to bring it up again, please do so.
=====Can I use the talk pages to talk with my friends?=====
=====How do I become an admin?=====
First, by not asking to become one. Users are picked to be admins by the {{Bp|Editorial Board}} based on a user's knowledge of Bulbapedia's templates and style, and other points are just a few considerations for users to move up to the Junior Administrator level. To be considered for an admin position a user must have been active for at least six months and have made a large number of mainspace edits.
===Other sites===
=====Can I copy stuff from is a fansite who may or may not be reliable at times. Bulbapedia relies on announcements from sites such as or Nintendo before making articles or changing things. Stealing from is extremely frowned upon and content will be deletedeleted if it comes from
=====Can I copy stuff from Pokébeach=====
=====Why do you romanize Pokémon like this when Serebii uses something different=====
Bulbapedia and Serebii have their own different styles of romanization. Serebii makes his own, whileand Bulbapediaeach translatescreate themtheir asromanisations close as we canindependently. <!--This sounds so biased, but I don't know how he does it. :V-->
<!--[[Category:Bulbapedia policies|{{PAGENAME}}]]-->