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=====Why can't I make a userpage?=====
New users are unable to make userpages right away. This is done so users would make more contributions to the mainspace and not to the userspace. After users make a certain amount of edits to the mainspace and are auto-confirmed, they may edit the userspace.
=====Why was my usertag deleted?=====
Usually usertags are deleted when they are created in the mainspace without the approval of an admin. Usually usertags are to be created in the userspace and then shown to an admin to see if it is good enough to be mainspaced as a template.
For more info on usertags, see the {{bp|usertag policy}}.
=====Can I make games in my userspace?=====
Games, along with certain other things, are not allowed in the mainspace. While they were in the past, they proved to be working against the advancement of Bulbapeda by having too many edits to the userspace.
More more info, see the {{bp|userspace policy#Content|userspace policy}}.
=====An admin said I've been placed in abuse, why?=====
Users are allowed to edit their userpage three times in a server day. Going over that limit may result in taking away a user's right to edit the userspace.
=====What does it mean to be in abuse?=====
Being in abuse means you may no longer edit your userpage. Users may get it back when they demonstrate that they can edit the mainspace more than their userspace.
===Problems with other users===
=====This user is reverting me, what do I do?=====
Users do fight over content, however, instead of getting in an edit war, bring it up on the other user's talk page, a staff's talk page or the talk page of the page itself to solve the problem. Edit wars are frowned upon and users caught in edit wars can face short blocks depending on the revisions they've changed.
==Mainspace related==
=====What is the mainspace?=====
The mainspace refers to anything without a prefix, which would be like the user: namespace or the shipping: namespace. All encyclopedic content is in the mainspace for editing.
=====A user reverted me, why?=====
If a user reverts you, it might be that your edit was not needed, already in the article or some other reason. If you are confused on why you were reverted, ask that user on their talk page.
=====My page is deleted, why?=====
Most likely a page was deleted for being not notable, already being on Bulbapedia or because it was poorly written. If you are unsure why your page was deleted, ask the administrator who deleted it.
==Talkpage related==
=====What does a user mean when they mention "the forums"?=====
The forums are a place on Bulbagarden where users can discuss a variety of topics.
=====My comment was removed for replying to old discussions, what does this mean?=====
Generally old comments over six months old should not be revived, however, if there is a legitimate excuse to bring it up again, please do so.
=====Can I use the talk pages to talk with my friends?=====
Talk pages are for users to discuss Bulbapedia related maters with each other. You can talk to your friends who join Bulbapeda over on the forums.
==Template related==
=====What are templates?=====
Link templates are what Bulbapedia uses to link to pages quicker. More commonly used templates include {{template|bp}}, which links to the Bulbapedia namespace; {{template|m}}, which links to [[moves]]; {{template|adv}}, which links to characters ending with (Adventures); {{template|p}}, which links to any Pokémon species ending with (Pokémon); {{template|a}}, which links to [[abilities]], and {{template|an}}, which link to articles ending with (anime).
=====How do I use templates=====
Templates are used by typing them like <nowiki>{{template|Page}}</nowiki>. If you wanted to link to {{p|Pikachu}}'s species page, you would type in <nowiki>{{p|Pikachu}}</nowiki>, while if you wanted to link to the {{a|Serene Grace}} ability page, you would type in <nowiki>{{a|Serene Grace}}</nowiki>.
=====What link templates are there?=====
For a full list of templates, see {{bp|List of link templates}}.
==Bulbapedia related==
=====What is the Manual of Style?=====
The [[Manual of Style]] refers to how an article should be made and written. The Manual has information on how every article should be written based on what content is in the article.
=====How do I become an admin?=====
First, by not asking to become one. Users are picked to be admins by the {{Bp|Editorial Board}} based on a user's knowledge of Bulbapedia's templates and style, and other points are just a few considerations for users to move up to the Junior Administrator level.
==Bulbagarden Archives related==
=====What are the Bulbagarden Archives?=====
Bulbagarden Archives is part of Bulbagarden that hosts images that are uploaded for usage on Bulbapedia and Bulbanews.
For questions about Bulbagarden Archives, see [[:a:Archives:FAQ|this page]].
==Bulbanews related==
=====What is Bulbanews?=====
Bulbanews is part of Bulbagarden that hosts news about events related to Pokémon, such as events, new game, manga or TCG releases and the like.
For questions about Bulbanews, see [[:n:Bulbanews:Article submission|this page]].
==Shipping related==
=====I want to add a shipping hint, but I keep getting reverted. Why?=====
Shipping is generally a point of view article system, so one user may not agree with another user on a subject. It would be best to ask the user why they removed it.
=====What can I do to help out Bulbapedia=====
There's always things to do on Bulbapedia. Check out the {{cat|stubs}}, {{cat|articles needing improvement}}, the [[Special:WantedPages|wanted pages]], or the {{cat|outdated articles}} for ideas on what to help with.
=====Who can I contact if an admin isn't online?=====
Usually there is an admin online somewhere, staff members are italicized or bolded in the Recent Changes so they can be spotted easily.
=====How do I get rid of the advertisements?=====
Usually logging into Bulbapedia or a Bulbagarden site will get rid of advertisements.
===Other sites===
=====Can I copy stuff from is a fansite who may or may not be reliable at times. Bulbapedia relies on announcements from sites such as or Nintendo before making articles or changing things. Stealing from is extremely frowned upon and content will be delete if it comes from
=====Can I copy stuff from Pokébeach=====
As with, Pokébeach is a fansite whose information may or may not be reliable. Content from PokéBeach will be removed.
=====Can I steal stuff from other sites?=====
No. Stealing content from other sites is wrong and if stolen content is found, it will be deleted and the user who added it may face a short block.
=====Why do you romanize Pokémon like this when Serebii uses something different=====
Bulbapedia and Serebii have their own different styles of romanization. Serebii makes his own, while Bulbapedia translates them as close as we can. <!--This sounds so biased, but I don't know how he does it. :V-->
<!--[[Category:Bulbapedia policies|{{PAGENAME}}]]-->