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Appearing in [[BW007]], Snivy was discovered by {{Ash}} and {{ashfr|his friends}} after she stole some food from them. {{an|Iris}} and {{an|Dent}} speculated that Snivy abandoned her {{pkmn|Trainer}} who she deemed unworthy, as she was clearly demonstrating a high level of competency and skill, evident in her first escape from Ash by infatuating {{AP|Pikachu}} with {{m|Attract}} then escaping using {{m|Leaf Storm}}.
Ash was able to capture Snivy when he won her respect, and was recognized before her eyes as a {{pkmn|Trainer|Trainer}} of not only skill, but of qualities like his unwavering determination and overpowering spirit. Despite his countless defeats with Snivy, especially when the majority of his team (Pikachu, {{AP|Oshawott}}, {{AP|Tepig}}) succumbed easily to her Attract, Ash nevertheless followed her all the way throughout from the time they met to the point of her capture. During this journey, Ash showed her two notable acts of sacrifice: the first when he shielded Pikachu from her {{m|Vine Whip}}, and the second when he asked Pikachu to climb onto his head when they were sinking into a muddy swamp. At last, Ash had to perform a show of skill before he could capture her. Luckily for Ash, {{AP|Pidove}} was also female and was not affected by Attract, and this allowedallowing him to battle on even grounds. In the battle that ensued, Snivy put up a strong struggle against her capture but was weakened considerably. Despite seemingly being in visibly good condition, she finally let out a small, humble smile that signified the acceptance of her Trainer, before allowing Ash to capture her.
Snivy was sent out twice during Ash's battle with [[Shooti]] in [[BW010]]. In her first match against Shooti's {{TP|Shooti|Janovy}}, her use of Attract predominantly paved her way to victory after her opponent successfully became infatuated with her. Later on she was called upon to battle Shooti's {{p|Pururiru}}, and Ash, who had no knowledge of his opponent's ability, {{a|Cursed Body}}, commanded Snivy to use physical attacks which ultimately led to their loss.