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The episode starts with {{an|Brock}} preparing sandwiches for the group. {{Ash}} asks Brock what kind of sandwiches he is making, and {{anfMayan|May}} replies cheerfully the delicious kind. The others’ Pokémon are all out of their [[Poké Ball]]s, anticipating the lunch. Brock tells them all to calm down, and to give him one more second for the meal to be done. Brock looks down and notices {{AP|Corphish}}, and asks how it would feel if it would help him with the salad. Corphish responds happily, jumping onto the table. Brock instructs Corphish to start by cutting the vegetables. Corphish grabs the white root-like vegetable in its pincer, and rapidly flings out its other pincer at the root. The slices of the root are perfectly cut. The others watch in awe at Corphish’s skill.
Corphish throws the bulbs into the air, again flings out its pincer and the bulbs are finely powdered. Ash remarks that Corphish is really good at slicing, and Corphish scuttles over to the sandwiches. Alarmed, May alerts Corphish not to slice the sandwiches, Brock stating that they are already cut up. Ash tells Corphish that it is enough, but Corphish flings out a pincer and the sandwiches are crumbled. Brock nervously tells the group to dig in.
Furious that it has been tricked, Corphish, clamping its pincers, rushes towards the trolley. Ash blurts out in vain for Corphish to stop, still claiming that they were just "testing its courage". Ignoring him, Corphish rams into the trolley, sending it, and May and Max with it, flying down the tracks and further into the mine. Corphish then storms off in anger, moving into a corridor on the right. Ash orders Corphish to stop and to come back, as its going the wrong way, but still it ignores him.
Further inside the mine, in the trolley, Max sarcastically asks May if it their experience was a "real blast". May, apparently regretting that she acted before she thought, nervously states that she did not know that Corphish would attack them. The two hear a sound, and Sableye, with its eyes glowing, appears on the rim of the trolley. May and Max are frightened and scream as Sableye reveals its teeth. Max eventually realizes what the perceived ghost is, and assures May that it is not a ghost but only a Sableye. Sableye leaps upward, hanging onto the ceiling. May brings out her Pokédex and checks the entry about Sableye. Sableye laughs and Max exclaims that the Sableye scared them nearly to death and they think it is funny. May adds that they were thinking they saw a ghost and Sableye was there laughing. May exclaims that she will show it, and sends out Torchic. May commands for Torchic to teach Sableye a lesson with Ember. Sableye dodges the attack on the ceiling and leaps down, using [[Lick]] on Torchic. The saliva confuses Torchic and May is distraught as Torchic dizzily wavers. May returns Torchic back into its Poké Ball, and Sableye continues to laugh as Meowth approaches. Meowth comments to Sableye that its scaring was slick, and that he is starting to take a real liking to them.
May accusingly asks Meowth what he is doing in the cave. Meowth responds that it nothing that is any of her beeswax, but reveals a device with a button from behind his back and states that he is there is push the button. A net falls from the ceiling and entangles May, Max, and the trolley in its confines. May and Max struggling in vain against the net, demand for Meowth to get them out of there, but Sableye and Meowth laugh. Meowth, responding to Sableye’s comment, admits that Sableye is right and that it is fun.