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'''S.S. Libra''' (Japanese: '''リブラ号''' ''S.S. Libra'') is a cargo ship. At the beginning of {{Pokémon XD}}, it was attacked and abducted by [[Shadow Lugia]]. Shadow Lugia dropped it in the [[desert]], where [[Gorigan|Cipher Admin Gorigan]] and his [[Cipher]] workers took every Pokémon on the ship but {{p|Bonsly|one}} to the [[Cipher Key Lair]] to transform them into [[Shadow Pokémon]].
Later in the game, Cipher attacks [[Phenac City]] in order to provide a distraction while they got the last Pokémon off the ship.
{{itlistbod|Iron|1st1F, Floor (near the exit)|XD|display={{DL|Vitamin|Iron}}}}
{{itlistbod|None|3rd3F, Floor (past the deck)|XD|display={{DL|Battle CD|Battle CD 18}}}}
{{itlistbod|Fire Stone|2nd2F, Floor (past the deck)|XD|display={{evostone|Fire Stone}}}}
{{itlistbod|Yellow Flute|1st1F, Floor (past the deck)|XD|display=[[Flute|Yellow Flute]]}}
{{itlistbod|Max Ether|1st1F, Floor (past the deck)|XD|display={{DL|Ether|Max Ether}}}}
{{itlistbod|TM Fire|1st1F, Floor (past the deck)|XD|display={{TM|35|Flamethrower}}}}
{{itlistbod|Leftovers|2nd2F, Floor (found after {{p|Bonsly}} flees)|XD|display={{DL|In-battle effect item|Leftovers}}}}
{{itlistbod|PP Up|2nd2F, Floor (past the deck)|XD|display={{DL|Vitamin|[[PP Up}}]] (×2)}}
{{itlistbod|Luxury Ball|2nd2F, Floor (where Bonsly is)|XD|display={{DL|Poké Ball|Luxury Ball}}}}
* The way it was broken in two seems to reference the {{wp|RMS Titanic|Titanic}}.
* The inaccessible half of the ship represents an open shark's mouth portrudingprotruding from the "water", (which, in this situation, is sand). It even appears to have eyes, and a small set of teeth, (but certainly not the amount a shark would have, however, that pattern wouldn't be likely on a ship).