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[[Agatha]] laughs as {{adv|Green}} is suspended in the air by [[Gengar]]'s [[Dream Eater]] as [[Youngster (Trainer class)|Bozz]] watches in horror. [[Agatha]] says to [[Youngster (Trainer class)|Bozz]], "Look around a monument of human folly and selfishness." [[Youngster (Trainer class)|Bozz]] questions this, and she begins to explain to him that the power plant they stand in was once intended to be a center of a major industrial development, but was abandoned halfway through. However, it caused hundreds of Pokémon to leave their homes for the convenience of humans. Large amounts of industrial waste were left behind from the power plant. This served as fuel for [[Gastly]], [[Haunter]], and [[Gengar]]. [[Ghost-type]]s were attracted to the power plant because of the industrial waste.
==Major events==