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[[Image:Mirage Mewtwo.png|Mirage Mewtwo|thumb]]
'''Mirage Pokémon''' (Japanese: '''ミラージュポケモン''') are {{wp|holographic}} Pokémon, first seen in the anime special ''[[The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon]]''. They were created by [[Dr. Yung]], the Pokémon scientist who invented the Pokémon Mirage System, a machine that generates Pokémon holograms. The Mirage System was initially created for the purpose of creating a new species of “perfect” Pokémon. It was later used by Dr. Yung in an attempt to get revenge on the members of the Pokémon Institute who expelled him after he presented them with the Mirage System, claiming that it was a cruel and disrespectful way to treat Pokémon.