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[[Image:Mirage Mewtwo.png|Mirage Mewtwo|thumb]]
'''Mirage Pokémon''' (Japanese: '''ミラージュポケモン''') are holographic Pokémon, first seen in the anime special ''[[The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon]]''. They were created by [[Dr. Yung]], athe Pokémon scientist who invented the Pokémon Mirage System, a machine that generates Pokémon holograms. The Mirage System was initially created for the purpose of creating a new species of “perfect” Pokémon. It was later used by Dr. Yung in an attempt to get revenge on the members of the Pokémon Institute who expelled him after he presented them with the Mirage System, claiming that it was a cruel and disrespectful way to treat Pokémon.
The Mirage System is capable of creating virtually any Pokémon assuming data on those Pokémon has been acquired.
These Pokémon essentially have no weaknesses and are invulnerable to attacks from normal Pokémon. They are able to know and use any move, even ones they would naturally be unable to learn. This is comparable to a Pokémon in the [[main series]] games which is [[cheating|hacked]], such as a {{p|Mewtwo}} with {{m|Quick Attack}}, a {{p|Beautifly}} with {{m|Aeroblast}}, or a {{p|Walrein}} with {{m|Meteor Mash}}. Pokémon that were created during the events in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon include {{p|Machoke}}, {{p|Machamp}}, {{p|Magnemite}}, {{p|Omastar}}, {{p|Kabutops}}, {{p|Aerodactyl}} (x2), {{p|Articuno}}, {{p|Zapdos}}, Mewtwo, {{p|Mew}}, {{p|Ursaring}}, {{p|Houndoom}}, {{p|Entei}}, {{p|Mightyena}}, {{p|Aggron}}, {{p|Armaldo}}, and {{p|Absol}}.
Although the main area that the Mirage Pokémon can travel is held inside Dr. Yung’s laboratory, it can be expanded through the use of holographic generators that are launched from the laboratory in a fashion similar to that of missiles. This expanded Mirage System allows the Mirage Pokémon to travel outside the laboratory and battle in different environments. The extent of this expanded area is unknownunlimited.
When the Mirage Pokémon are not in use they can be "stored" in the mirage system unitil they are needed. This is simmilar to how real Pokémon are kept in Pokéballs. An interesting trait that Mirage Pokémon share is that they can use the data of other Mirage Pokémon to give them an edge in battle. This ability was used by the Mirage Mewtwo when it battled Ash and his freinds. During the time that this ability was being used, it was reveald that any mirage Pokémon whose data is being used are still fully conscious, this became evident when the Mirage Mew acted out and stoped Mewtwo from attacking. However it should be noted that the only reason Mew was able to do so is because it had the free will that the other Mirage Pokémon lacked.