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Attack (TCG)

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ToMost theattacks rightdeal damage. The amount of damage an attack deals is written to the nameright andof the description,attack therename isas a large black number, usuallyconventionally divisible by ten10. (SuchIf asa 20,Pokémon 50,uses or,an inattack somethat extremedeals casesdamage, 100).put Thisa isdamage counter on the damageopponent's thatActive Pokémon (the [[Glossary (TCG)#Defending Pokémon|Defending Pokémon]]) for each 10 damage the attack does.
Various symbols next to the number indicate whether the damage will vary. These symbols are for distinguishing purposes; the stipulations of the damage variation are defined in the attack description.
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| The amount of damage depends entirely on conditions (e.g. opponent's HP) (this symbol has not been used since [[Scizor_(Neo_Discovery_29)|Scizor from the Neo Discovery set]])
Sometimes, there may beIf no number atis all.present, This indicates thatthen the attack dealsdoes nonot deal damage to the opposing Pokémon, therefore; it likely beinghas aan Pokéalternate Power or Poké Body. Again, one should refer to the description of the attackeffect.