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Attack (TCG)

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Attack Cost
Attacks are skills that a Pokémon card can use in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. Nearly every Pokémon card has at least one attack. During a player's turn, he or she may use an attack printed on his or her [[Glossary (TCG)#Active Pokémon|Active Pokémon]]. When a player uses an attack, that player's turn ends.
==RequirementsAttack Cost==
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Some attacks have an attack cost of zero, represented by an empty hole, which means that a Pokémon can use that attack without any Energy attached to it. Most attacks require Energy, however, and their costs are represented by a line of Energy symbols. For each symbol, the Pokémon must have a corresponding Energy attached to it. {{TCG|Colorless}} Energy requirements may be fulfilled by any kind of Energy, while all other Energy requirements must be fulfilled by that particular Energy: for example, in order to use an attack with a cost of one {{TCG|Fire}} Energy and one {{TCG|Colorless}} Energy, at least one Fire Energy and one of any other Energy must be attached to the attacking Pokémon.
==Name and description==