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He does not steal a Shuckle. Then man who got his Sneasel stolen by Silver gives Gold his Shuckle for safekeeping.
==In the game==
Silver's first (and currently only) appearance in the Pokémon video games took place during the second generation. He was first seen lurking near a window to the Elm Pokémon Laboratory, and he later broke in, stealing a Pokémon (commonly thought to be a {{p|Totodile}}, though this is unproven). He later used this Pokémon to battle with both Gold/Kris, doing this many times as they journeyed through Johto. This is not the only Pokémon he has stolen, as he also stole a [[ShuckleSneasel]] from a man in Cianwood City.
Throughout his travels, Silver showed a strong hate for [[Team Rocket]]. He strongly interfered with the revived Team Rocket's plans at least twice, including their experiments with radio signals at the [[Lake of Rage]]. His stated reason for this dislike was that they are "weak" when cornered, and that he only cares about strong opponents. During one his missions against Team Rocket, Silver apparently fought against Lance, who utterly decimated him. Silver is soon frustrated, as he claims that Lance told him he doesn't love his Pokémon enough. Lance's words are Silver's catalyst, as he begins to metamorphisize into a more kind hearted person. Before a battle at [[Mount Moon]], Silver claims that he has reached his peak, finally understanding what Lance told him in [[Mahogany Town]]. During this battle, he uses a [[Crobat]], displaying that he truly does care for his Pokémon.
Shortly after Gold/Kris defeated the Pokémon League, Silver took up training in the [[Dragon's Den]]. His personality has been likened by the Dragon Master to be similar to [[Clair]]'s. He can be seen there on Tuesdays on Thursdays, and can be challened at the [[Pokémon League]] on Mondays and Wednesdays. His activities on the weekend are unknown, but now that he is a kinder person, it can be assumed that he does not train on these days.