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! style="background: #FCF75E; {{roundy|60px}}" | <small><small><small>Favorite Pokémon.</small></small></small>
| style="color: #ffffff;" |[[File:Ani380MS.png|It's one of the best Pokémon while holding Soul Dew|link=Latias (Pokémon)]][[{{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 6}}|1=File:479MS.png|0=File:Ani479FMS.png|2=File:Ani479LMS.png|3=File:Ani479OMS.png|4=File:Ani479RMS.png|5=File:Ani479WMS.png}}|Awesome Pokémon!|link=Rotom (Pokémon)|32px]][[File:468MS.png|I love flinching opponents|link=Togekiss (Pokémon)]][[File:Ani213OD.png|With Power Share and Acupressure, it can become nearly unbeatable!|link=Shuckle (Pokémon)]][[File:286MS.png|Spore is the best move in the game!|link=Breloom (Pokémon)]]<br>[[File:488MS.png|She can take hits from almost anything|link=Cresselia (Pokémon)]][[File:242MS.png|Best special wall in the game!|link=Blissey (Pokémon)]][[File:292MS.png|For me it’s probably the coolest Pokémon! Just wish it was better for battling|link=Shedinja (Pokémon)]][[File:349MS.png|Teach it Mimic, give it BrightPowder, then enter it in the Battle Tower's Double Battle with a Pokémon that knows Sheer Cold. Mimic your ally's Sheer Cold and if you're lucky it could beat all four opponents without even being hit! But don't count on it...|link=Feebas (Pokémon)]][[File:149MS.png|I have a great (hopefully) strategy for him in Generation V...|link=Dragonite (Pokémon)]]
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