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I've loved Onix ever since I saw it back in 1996 in Red Version and Pachirisu since its pre-release pic came out. I've been playing Pokémon since it was released in the United States and could never put it down. Although I've beaten the main course of the game countless times, I have yet to actually complete the Pokédex.
My recent plan has been to become a Top Pokéathlete in the Pokéathalon[[Pokéathlon]]; I am currently an Ultra Pokéathlete. I've completed the first set of trophies (getting 450 points for all skill courses); I have two trust trophies (three medalists); five potential trophies (mastered five courses); and seven Friendship trophies (3,800 points in the final trophy room).
I guess I'll add more stuff as time goes by, but...that's all I got for now :)