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[[File:Niwalogo.png|frame|right|The logo of NIWA, featuring the hiragana {{tt|にわ|niwa}}, meaning "garden"]]
The '''Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance''', '''NIWA''' for short, is a network of wikis and their associated websites that aims to chronicle all things [[Nintendo]], supporting wikis independent of large corporate wiki groups, most notably {{wp|Wikia}}.
NIWA began as an expansion of the concept of [[Encyclopædiæ Pokémonis]], shortly after the administration of [[Zelda Wiki]] contacted [[Archaic]], Bulbagarden's head, about a possible affiliation. It was jointly decided, shortly thereafter, that rather than a simple affiliation, an entire network of Nintendo-based wikis could be begun, and [[Super Mario Wiki]] was shortly asked to join as another founding member.
After a little under a month of planning, NIWA was launched on February 14, 2010, coincidentallyto coincide with the fifth anniversary of the public launch of [[Bulbapedia]].
Within two months more, preparations were complete for the launch of [[Metroid Wiki]] and [[WiKirby]], which had been spun off by users of the original trio of NIWA wikis, and they joined the group. [[Wars Wiki]], a wiki based on the age-old Nintendo Wars franchise, became the first member recruited from outside the original trio. Throughout October and mid-November, NIWA experienced a boost of wikis every week on Friday, starting with [[Lylat Wiki]] (October 1), then [[Pikipedia]] and [[Pikmin Fanon]] (October 8), [[StrategyWiki]] (October 15), [[SmashWiki]] (October 29), [[WikiBound]] (November 5), [[Donkey Kong Wiki]] (November 12), and [[Animal Crossing WikiNookipedia]] (November 19). On November 30th30, [[Golden Sun Universe]] joined, notably on a Tuesday rather than Friday. A[[NintendoWiki]], secretwhich wikihad been worked on secretly for quite a time before, joined on December 10. After no new wikis joining for a several months, [[NintendoWikiFire Emblem Wiki]] joined on April 20, followed by [[Starfy Wiki]] on April 28. After nearly a year of no new wikis joining the alliance, [[F-Zero Wiki]] joined on DecemberMarch 1016, 2012, followed by [[Icaruspedia]] on March 23, 2012. [[Dragon Quest Wiki]] joined on March 30, 2012. After nearly two years with no new wikis, [[Hard Drop Tetris Wiki]] joined on January 17, 2014. [[Inkipedia]] joined on July 4, 2015. Most recently, [[ARMS Institute]] joined on June 22, 2017, bringing the total number of members to 24 wikis.
NIWA's name, an acronym of Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, is also romanized Japanese for "garden", symbolizing the natural growth of the community around the fandoms that make it up. This is fitting, given Nintendo's Japanese origins, withand since romanization of Japanese being anis important aspectfor most of all fifteenthe wikis that currently make up the network.
==External link==
* [ NIWA main page, linking to all fifteentwenty-four wikis and the NIWA forums]
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