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'''Current Town''' (Japanese: '''カレントタウン''' ''Current Town'') is an anime-exclusive location in [[Unova]]. It exists somewhere between [[Sanyou City]] and [[Shippou City]]. It is quite a large town with colorful buildings. There is shown to be a garbage dump in the town, and a half constructed road leading to the town.
Current Town, like [[Karakusa Town]], has its own [[Battle Club]] which is run by the local [[Don George]]. {{Ash}} battled [[Shooti]] here and lost. [[Jessie]], [[James]] and {{TR|Meowth}} were supposed to be meetingmeet {{TR|Flint}} of [[Team Rocket]] at a garbage dump. ButSoon, [[Officer Jenny]] and backupthe police had followed them there and interceptedtried to intercept them. SuddenlyHowever, Flint comescame and escapesescaped with the trio.