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[[File:TogekissGreatEncounters11.jpg|180px|right|thumb|Togekiss, a Pokémon card that was released in the {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl: Great Encounters}} expansion]]
A '''Pokémon''' in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] is any card on which there is a Pokémon that is represented as they are in the {{pkmn|games}}. Pokémon are used in the TCG to battle an opponent's Pokémon, much like Trainers battle in the games. Each card has at least one attack listed, sometimes up to three, and each attack uses a set amount of [[Energy card]]s that the Pokémon must have attached to it in order to use that attack. Also printed on each card is a possible Weakness, Resistance, [[Elemental types (TCG)|Type]], Retreat cost, and a Pokédex entry as flavor text.