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[[HM]]s:''If areyou multiplewere uselooking [[TM]]s that serve a purpose out of battle, as well asfor beingthe [[glitch move]]s for in-battle use; however, in order to use an HM's purpose out of battle, asee [[GymHM05 Badge(move)]] is required. '''HM05''' is:
[[HM]]s are [[TM]]s that serve a purpose out of battle, as well as being [[move]]s for in-battle use; however, with the exception of [[Generation V]], in order to use an HM's purpose out of battle, a [[badge|Gym Badge]] is required. In [[Generation VII]], HMs are not used and HM05 does not exist. In other generations, '''HM05''' is:
|locrse=[[Granite Cave]]
|badge5locb2w2=Icicle{{OBP|Victory Road|Black 2 and White 2}}
|locoras=Prize for defeating [[Wallace]]
|locmdrb=[[Buried Relic]] (70F)
|pricemdrb=2 [[File:Poké currency.png|link=Poké]]
|sellmdrb=1 [[File:Poké currency.png|link=Poké]]
|locsmd=[[Kecleon Shop]]s
|pricesmd=1314 [[File:Poké_currency VI Sprite.png|link=Poké]]
|sellsmd=132 [[File:Poké_currency VI Sprite.png|link=Poké]]
*[[File:HM05 In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum,Defog glitch.png|thumb|HM05 hasappears the item sprite ofas a {{type2|Water}}-type HM, evenin though {{m|Defog}} is a {{type2|Flying}} move. It is possible that this is because Defog's HeartGold and SoulSilver counterpartDiamond, WhirlpoolPearl, isand a Water-type movePlatinum.]]
* In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, HM05 ishas the onlyitem sprite of a {{type|Water}} HM, andeven onlythough machine{{m|Defog}} moveis soa far{{type|Flying}} thatmove. hasIt changedis movespossible withinthat a generation,Water-type fromHM Defogwas inconsidered Diamond,for Pearl,the andposition Platinumbefore Defog was tofinalized. {{m|Whirlpool}}, a Water-type move itself, takes the spot in HeartGold and SoulSilver, though this is likely unrelated, as HeartGold and SoulSilver came out more than three years after Diamond and Pearl were released.
* HM05 has containedis the most different moves of anyonly HM, teachingthat fourhas differentchanged moves throughoutwithin the series. Due to its changing movesa mid-generation as mentioned above, itfrom isDefog alsoin theDiamond, onlyPearl, machineand thatPlatinum hasto containedWhirlpool fourin differentHeartGold movesand (the maximum possible) that contained the same move for more than one generationSoulSilver.
* HM05 has contained the most different moves of any HM, teaching four different moves throughout the series.
** Interestingly, two of the moves it has contained are the two HM moves which first appeared as HMs in [[Generation II]].
* HM05 is the first and so far the only HM that has been handed out as a prize for defeating a [[Gym Leader]].
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