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{{p|Victini}} is found at the beginning of [[List of Pokémon by Unova Pokédex number|Unova's Pokédex]], being #000. Much like {{p|Mew}}, {{p|Celebi}}, {{p|Jirachi}}, {{p|Manaphy}} and {{p|Shaymin}} before it, each of its base stats are 100. It is the first [[Generation V]] [[event Pokémon]] revealed and allowed to be obtained. Victini is considered the embodiment of victory. It is said that a Trainer with a Victini will win anything no matter what. Victini is the future star of [[M14|''Victini and the Black Hero'']]
====Musketeer trio====
{{p|Cobalon}}, {{p|Terrakion}}, {{p|Virizion}} are a trio of Pokémon based on the titular characters of the 1844 French novel ''{{wp|The Three Musketeers}}'', and partially on hooved mammals such as deer, oxen, and horses. According to legend, they protect Pokémon from having their habitats destroyed by humans and have been known to have attacked human castles during the Middle Ages. Like the Three Musketeers, they are considered a trio but have a fourth, younger member in the form of {{p|Keldeo}} who the other three rescued and raised after its home was destroyed by fire. All four of them can use their horns like swords, and learn their signature move, {{m|Sacred Sword}}, at level 42 (43 for {{p|Keldeo}}).
====Kami trio====
{{p|Genesect}} is an experimental creature created by Team Plasma, under [[N]], attempting to create the strongest Pokémon in existence by altering an ancient insect Pokémon with cybernetic upgrades. It uses special cassettes to make variations to its signature move, {{m|Techno Buster}}.
* As of [[Generation V]], aside from {{p|Arceus}}'s use of [[Plates]], there has never been a {{type|Poison}} legendary Pokémon.
* Only {{p|Deoxys}}, {{p|Giratina}}, {{p|Arceus}}, {{p|Lugia}}, and {{p|Ho-Oh}} have a battle theme that is shared with no other. {{p|Mew}} has its own battle theme; however, it is a remixed version of the normal [[Kanto]] wild battle theme.
* The legendary birds of Kanto are the most available wild legendary Pokémon, able to be caught in nine main series games each ({{v2|Red, and Green}}, {{v|Blue}}, {{v|Yellow}}, {{v2|FireRed, and LeafGreen}}, {{v|Platinum|}}, {{v2|HeartGold, and SoulSilver}}). The least available wild legendary Pokémon are {{p|Celebi}} and {{p|Mew}}, which only appear in the wild in one game apiece; each encounter requires an [[event item]] to activate it. {{p|Shaymin}} and {{p|Darkrai}} may also count, as the event items for the two, though existent in the games' coding, were not released to players of {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}}, with the Mystery Gift events only available for players of {{v2|Platinum}}.
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