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<span style="color:#{{arceus color dark}};"><big><big>★</big></big></span> There are currently <big><big>{{cat|Pages which still use the old learnset templates|{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Pages which still use the old learnset templates}}}}</big></big> pages that still use the old learnset templates. Please update them to the newer templates. <br>
<span style="color:#{{arceus color dark}};"><big><big>★</big></big></span>The [[a:Main page|Archives]] are <span style="color:green">'''OPEN'''</span><br>[[File:Project Sidegames logo.png|80px|right|link=Bulbapedia:Project Sidegames|Seriously guys, it's pretty dark and lonely here :'(]]
<span style="color:#{{arceus color dark}};"><big><big>★</big></big></span>Have you considered uploading Generation V sprites? Bulbapedia is still missing quite a few of them.<br>