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The initial hint that Generation II was on its way came in early 1997, with the release of the {{pkmn|anime}}'s first episode. A Pokémon appears to [[Ash Ketchum]] on the first day of his journey, shortly after he and {{AP|Pikachu}} become friends, that cannot be identified by the [[Pokédex]]. This magnificent golden bird, later revealed to be the legendary [[version mascot|mascot]] of Gold Version, {{p|Ho-Oh}}, was the first Pokémon from a future generation to debut in the anime. The games, initially named directly as "Pocket Monsters 2", were set for release in late 1997, but were pushed back to 1999 with the intention to redevelop the games to work with the [[Game Boy Color]] better.
Details in the games indicate that the Generation II games occur three years after [[Generation I]] and [[Generation III]], while the [[Sinnoh]]-based [[Generation IV]] games indicate that they occur similarly contemporaneously to Generation II as Generation I does to Generation III. This is only a speculation, however.
==Advances in gameplay==