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Can an admin look over the name origin section in the trivia to see if everything in it is right? Right now it just seems like some of the info isn't notable enough. --[[User:Landfish7|<span style="font-family:Tahoma;background:black"><font color="red">'''Land'''</font>]][[User talk:Landfish7|<span style="font-family:Tahoma;background:black"><small><font color="yellow">'''fish7'''</font></small></span></span>]]''' 22:59, 23 November 2010 (UTC)
:We don't know the name orgins because we are not the creators. It's basicly common sense and opinion so there really isn't right or wrong. People who don't know relly needs to stop editing the page before it get's blocked. :\ [[User:Pokemaster97|Pokemaster97]] 23:06, 23 November 2010 (UTC)
== Name trivia ==
Anyone think its worth pointing out that Oshawott is the first starter's name, in National dex order, since Totodile to have more than 2 syllables? [[User:Shokuwarrior|Shokuwarrior]] 15:30, 24 November 2010 (UTC)