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*The sumo competition has a weight requirement of at least 80 kilograms (176.4 lbs), though many of the competing Pokémon have an average weight below the requirement, such as {{p|Arbok}} (65 kg) and {{p|Nidoking}} (62 kg). This is most likely that Pokémon have varying weights in the anime instead of all weighing the same as they do in the games.
*The idea of Pokémon Sumo Wrestling would later be revisited in ''{{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}'' with the Ring Drop and Circle Push events of the [[Pokéathlon]].
*When Ash called Professor Oak, he said he needed Snorlax because it was his only Pokémon that met the weight condition. However, Ash's Tauros also fittedfit the weight category weighing at 88.4 kg.
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