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==Etymology and design concept==
Unova's Japanese name is derived from '''一種類''' ''isshurui'', meaning "one variety". As explained by game director Masuda, this is to express that even though the region has great diversity in species and race, when seen from a distance they are all the same as living creatures.<ref></ref> It may also be influenced by the motto of the United States, ''{{wp|e pluribus unum}}'', Latin for "from many, one". While it is unconfirmed, the name Unova like originates from a combination of either unity or unum, and the Latin word "Nova" meaning new.
Although some of Unova is geographically based on New York, the creators of the region took some liberties in regards to the surrounding areas. Clearly, the largest city in Unova, [[Hiun City]], is based on {{wp|Lower Manhattan}}, but to the immediate north of Hiun is (as opposed to a continuing metropolis as in real life) a [[Resort Desert|vast desert]]. To the east and west of the region are large mountains. Unova also contains many rural settlements.