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Hello this is Amit from India.
This user is now studying Electronics.
{{usermessage|I am extremely busy these days due to my upcoming exams (7th semester exams → Starting at 22nd November). So, I have decided to take a short break from Bulbagarden and other PokéStuff in order to do a SOLID PREPARATION for my exams. I'll be there around, but won't be active though. Wish me luck!}}
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'''My Data'''
{{User Male|521}}
{{User Country|India Flag|India|2E8B57|00FA9A|228B22}}
{{User Birthday|September 7|439}}
{{User Muslim}}
{{User Age|22|551}}
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''' Anime '''
{{User Loves|SatoshiDP.png|25|Ash|Ash as an EPIC Protagonist}}
{{User WatchAnime|TV Tokyo}}
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| style="background: #000000; color: #FFFFFF;" | This user watches the '''[[Pokémon anime|<span style="color: #FFFFFF;">Pokémon anime</span>]]''' on '''[[Cartoon Network|<span style="color: #FFFFFF;">Cartoon Network</span>]]'''.
''' Bulbagarden '''
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'''Amit''' (Japanese: '''''' ''Amit'') has been a fan of [[Pokémon]] from the start of the [[anime]]. He has been a member of Bulbapedia since {{wp|October 24}}, 2010.
Currently, I'm majoring in ''Electronics''.
===Next Episode===
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! style="-moz-border-radius-topright: 5px; background: #{{black color light}}" | '''[[Best Wishes series|Best Wishes!]] (Japan)'''
! style="-moz-border-radius-topleft: 5px; background: #{{black color light}}" | '''[[Diamond & Pearl series|Diamond & Pearl]] (United States)'''
| style="backgro7nd: #CCC;" | [[File:BW009.png|240px]]<br><center>'''[[BW009|Out of Control Pendra! Rescue Kibago!!]]<br> November 11, 2010'''</center>
| style="background: #CCC;" | [[File:DP181.png|240px]]<br><center>'''[[DP181|Bucking the Treasure Trend!]]<br> November 13, 2010'''</center>
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