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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

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== Trivia ==
* Some Pokémon are notably more aggressive when they're outside of battle, for example; {{p|Primeape}} will punch {{p|Pikachu}} away and charge into him immediately even if Pikachu simply dashes into them a single time. In contrast, {{p|Torterra}} are less easily provoked and will not attack, although get angry if Pikachu dashes into them, or if Pikachu just use thunderbolt and dash it will make some pokemon almost same height as Pikachu angry, too.
* There appears to be a typo in the dialogue string ..."not so far away are your Empoleon?", prior to thawing the door to Empoleon's Snow Slide with the help of {{p|Mamoswine}}'s charge attack, where it is presumable that "your" should have been replaced with "you" instead.
** A similar typo is found in the German version. When Munchlax thanks the player, ''"PokéPark"'' is misspelled as ''"ParkPoké"'' in the dialogue string.