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User space interaction: slight issues, poli, but largely good. ... nate D:
If you disagree with someone stylistically--for instance, if you think a template or picture is wrong, or a bad choice, talk to the creator or post on that template's talk page before making changes. Be nice about it--point out the specific deficiencies, and why your idea provides a more effective solution. Don't degrade their work--remember, they worked hard on it. Remember, too, that ideas have inertia, and it may take someone a little while to leave their design and come around to yours. Be patient, understanding, and, again, kind when dealing with another user. It may slow the process of change down a little bit, but the changes will be more pleasant to everyone.
==UserUserspace spaceand talkspace interaction==
===Writing on talk pages in fourfive words===
Not nice,? donDon't say. it.
===What that means===
If you can't get your point across without verbally attacking someone, it's probably best to keep quiet until you can. No one likes to be attacked.
Refrain from using {{wp|profanity}} in a matter that is derogatory or directly offensive. Profane rants are absolutely unacceptable. However, the use of "swear words" is not inherently problematic if used to prove a point or otherwise contribute to the betterment of the wiki.
===Writing on talk pages in three paragraphs===