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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

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The player, acting as the Pikachu, must solve the crisis that has befallen the PokéPark. The player will explore various Zones within the PokéPark, each very different to the last: Meadow Zone, Beach Zone, IcebergIceburg Zone, Lava Zone, Haunted Zone, Granite Zone, and the Flower Zone, along with the Sky Pavilion. Each Zone has various Attractions, which comprise the main challenges in the game.
As Pikachu befriends other Pokémon, someeach will become playable in different Attractions, opening up a wealth of possibilities to make strategic use of different Pokémon's specific strengths.
Many of these befriended Pokémon will challenge the player to a Skill Game, such as Hide-and-Seek and Chase – all games that will allow the player to build friendships with the challenger by defeating them.