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Fury Cutter (move)

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[[File:Fury cutter demo.gif|thumb|left|Fury Cutter done consecutively]]
Fury Cutter starts out with a low base power of 10. However,Every iftime Fury Cutter is used consecutivelysuccessfully, eachits successful hitpower will do double the damage of the previous hit. If Fury Cutter misses or anotherthe moveuser is selectedswitched out, the damagepower will reset to normal. After this attack has been used 5 times in a row, the damagepower will no longer increase, meaning Fury Cutter can reach a maximum base power of 160.
===Generation V===
SameFury as before, butCutter now has a base power of 20, with the same maximum power of 160 as before. If another move is selected, Fury Cutter's Power will reset.