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Infernape fires a massive Flamethrower without Ash's command, which glances past Luxray and causes damage to the wall. Infernape then starts to use Flamethrower on the ceiling, causing rubble to nearly fall on Brock, Flint, Dawn and her Pokémon. Ash tells Infernape to get control of itself, and Infernape slowly turns around and starts to walk towards Ash dangerously while growling. Pikachu prepares to fight Infernape off but Ash tells him to stand down. As everyone nervously watches, Infernape is soon right in front of Ash, who tells the Flame Pokémon that he believes in it. Infernape responds to this by smiling, indicating he is fully in control of Blaze at last. The battle resumes and Ash tells Infernape to use Flamethrower. Thanks to the power-up from Blaze, Flamethrower is far more powerful and sends Luxray back, and Volkner commands Luxray to use Thunder Fang. Infernape withstands the attack and uses Mach Punch which scores a hard hit on Luxray who is told to use Iron Tail. Infernape dodges and uses another Mach Punch causing even more damage. Ash tells Infernape to use {{m|Flame Wheel}}, and Infernape powers up and slams hard into Luxray finally knocking it out. The robotic referee declares Luxray unable to battle and Ash is awarded his hard-earned victory. Ash and Infernape jump into each other's arms and as Ash tells Infernape how amazing it is. The two celebrate, overjoyed that it controlled its Blaze and helped Ash finally defeat Volkner. Later Volkner congratulates Ash and his Pokémon and presents him with the {{badge|Beacon}}. Ash thanks Volker and takes the badge, finally completing his requirement for the Sinnoh League.
Outside the Gym, Volkner thanks Ash for everything and Flint tells Ash that they'll be cheering for him in the Sinnoh League. Ash promises to do his best, and Flint tells Ash that the Sinnoh League will begin in a month on [[SuzuranLily of the Valley Island]] and that a ship to the island will soon be departing from Sunyshore Port. Ash begins to fill with excitement knowing he'll soon be challenging the Sinnoh League and after bidding Volkner and Flint farewell, the group head to Sunyshore Port for the ship that will take them to Suzuran Island...
==Major events==
* [[Ash's Infernape]]'s {{a|Blaze}} is activated again, and it gains control of the ability for the first time.
* Ash defeats Volkner and earns the {{badge|Beacon}}, allowing him to participate in the [[Sinnoh League]].
* Ash learns that the Sinnoh League will take place on [[SuzuranLily of the Valley Island]] in one month.