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* Ash typically catches similar teams in each region he travels through.
** Ash's teams often feature the starter Pokémon of each region. In both the [[Timeline of events in the anime#Kanto|Kanto]] and [[Timeline of events in the anime#Johto|Johto]] story arcs, Ash managed to capture all three of the starter Pokémon for both regions.
** Up until the {{series|Best Wishes}}, heHe had caught each [[generation]]'s {{type2|Grass}} [[starter Pokémon]]: {{AP|Bulbasaur}}, {{AP|Chikorita}}, {{AP|Treecko}}, {{AP|Turtwig}} and {{AP|TurtwigTsutarja}}.
** He also caught the three {{type2|Fire}} [[starter Pokémon]] whose English names begin with a 'C' and whose Japanese names begin with a 'ヒ' ''hi'': {{AP|Charmander}} (''Hitokage''), {{AP|Cyndaquil}} (''Hinoarashi''), and {{AP|Chimchar}} (''Hikozaru'').
** He always catches each region's local bird-like Pokémon: {{AP|Pidgeotto|Pidgeot}} in Kanto, {{AP|Noctowl}} in Johto, {{AP|Taillow|Swellow}} in Hoenn, {{AP|Starly|Staraptor}} in Sinnoh, and {{AP|Mamepato}} in Isshu. Thus far, Ash has evolved each species to its final form, except for {{AP|Mamepato}}, which was only captured recently.