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* Missingno. is much [[List of Pokémon by weight|heavier]] than any regular Pokémon. Missingno. is about four times heavier than [['M]]. Missingno. is about half the weight of [[h POKé]], the heaviest known Pokémon of any kind.
* Missingno.'s height is 10'0". [['M]] is more than twice as tall as Missingno.. This makes Missingno. the [[List of Pokémon by height|19th tallest Pokémon]] when compared to non-glitch Pokémon.
* In its normal form, it has the same learnset as [['M]], except that 'M cancannot learn {{m|Substitute}} via [[TM50]].
* In 2010, Missingno. was entered into GameFAQs' 8th annual Character Battle. It advanced to the third round by defeating {{wp|Crono}} and {{smw|Yoshi}}, but later lost to {{wp|Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)|Sephiroth}}.
* Missingno.'s stats are actually the [[Party|parties]] of several {{tc|Burglar}}s, but read as base stats.