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List of Pokémon with form differences

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While there are {{numpkmn}} officially recognized [[Pokémon|species of Pokémon]], with most members of an individual species looking relatively similar to one another, several Pokémon species have remarkable '''differences in appearance''' between members. At times, these differences are purely cosmetic, and have no bearing on the difference in the Pokémon's stats from another; however, several Pokémon not only differ in stats, but also type, depending on their form. An example of this would be [[Wormadam]].
Among these are several [[legendary Pokémon]], whose unique forms can be changed between at will, and are spelled officially as "Formes". Many of the forms are known to have special names, while others do not, and are thus only named in [[fanon]]. Whichever form is encountered first will be the form displayed in the [[Pokédex]] by default; i.e., a player who encountered a West Sea Shellos would have it appear in the Pokédex by default, while one who encounters an East Sea Shellos first would see that Shellos appear in the Pokédex first.