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Silver (game)

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In the games
In terms of personality, Silver is the darkest of the rivals in the series. While most other rivals are generally good-natured, or at least zestful enough to crack a joke at the player, Silver is (at first) cruel, hateful, power-obsessed and even physically abusive, pushing the {{player}} character around several times. Even after he starts to become kinder, he remains a rather serious individual. He does, however, express genuine happiness when Elm allows him to keep the Pokémon he stole.
Giovanni and Silver's relationship is revealed in HeartGold and SoulSilver when a [[fateful encounter]] {{p|Celebi}} is brought to [[Ilex Shrine]]. Celebi takes the player back in time three years to witness Giovanni abandoning Silver to go into seclusion because of his defeat at the hands of {{ga|Red}}. Silver's hate for Team Rocket apparently stems from the failure of his father.