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'''Tanvir''' (Japanese: ''Tanza'') is a resident of {{DL|Cocona Village|Past Cocona Village|Cocona Plaza}} in the past that appeared in ''[[Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs]]''.

He is first met when {{p|Celebi}} takes the player back in time for a second time. He and Kira mention that the door to the temples is closed, which is unusual, before asking Celebi to take the player back to their time. The next time the player goes back in time Tanvir asks them for help in finding out why the [[Steelhead]]s that act as the guardians of the temples are acting strangely after being attacked by one. He mentions that the armor worn by Steelheads can control Pokémon in a similar manner to the [[Capture Styler|styler]] the player has, but also transmitts feelings other than friendship. For that reason Tanvir and Kira both decided to stop wearing the Steelhead armor after accidentally causing Pokémon to fight when they had an argument.

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