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List of Pokémon with form differences

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Similar to {{p|Shellos}} and {{p|Gastrodon}}, {{p|Basurao}} can appear in two different forms— the Red Stripe form and the Blue Stripe form. The Red Stripe form sports a red stripe, with wide eyes and spiky fins, while the other has a blue stripe, with squinted eyes and smooth fins. Its color depends on the version it is found in, with the Red Stripe form appearing in {{game|Black and White|s|Black}} and the Blue Stripe form appearing in {{game|Black and White|s|White}}. However, rare instances of the other color can be found in the game by surfing on swirling water.
Also, Basurao with Red Stripe have 5% chance holding a DeepSeaTooth while the blue-stripe one have 5% chance holding DeepSeaScale.
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